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Science-Backed Beauty for One and All

Solawave is a skincare technology company based in Los Angeles, California. We’re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and skincare aficionados on a mission to make science-backed skincare accessible to everyone.

Approved by estheticians
Real results, fast
Proven technology

We don’t believe in flaws

At Solawave, we believe the skincare industry is too focused on so-called flaws and imperfections. Skincare shouldn’t be about disparagement. Each one of us is navigating our skincare journey with our own unique aspirations.

To help you achieve whatever your goals may be, we believe every single person has the right to high-quality skincare. Our patented skincare technology, designed for all genders, ages, and skin types, helps you achieve smooth, radiant skin while maintaining your natural beauty.

Our story

After years of working in skincare and beauty while struggling with our own skin issues, we’re flipping the script on who has access to the best tools and technologies. We’re taking powerful, proven technologies out of the doctor’s office and putting them into the palm of your hand to support your skin journey, wherever you are.

Your self care upgrade starts here

Our products are multifunctional and science-backed. The results speak for themselves. Achieve radiant, glowing skin in a matter of weeks.