Lines, spots, bumps, and textures get bad press, but they’re just different terrains you might encounter on your unique, ongoing skincare journey.

At Solawave, we believe the skincare industry is too focused on so-called flaws and imperfections. Skincare shouldn’t be about disparagement.

Each one of us is navigating our skincare journey with our own unique aspirations.

Meet our ambassadors.

The Best Red Light Therapy Wand - SolaWave

I didn’t really know what to expect when my girlfriend gave me a Solawave for my birthday. My skin looks a lot healthier, like I'm in my 20s again! Especially those under eye bags and fine lines on my forehead and cheeks.

What to do when your Wand stops mid-session

After my esthetician recommended Solawave to me, I took the plunge and it's made such an improvement in my skin.

Your best skin in 2 weeks!

This little magic Wand and serum somehow depuffed and tightened the problem area on my face. I was a bit skeptical originally but the results speak for themselves. It also feels great. I’m converted for life!


Everyone my age has them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want my skin to look its absolute best. So I took the plunge and bought a Solawave Wand. With just a few minutes of self-care per day, it’s made such a remarkable improvement in my skin.


After the first day of using Bye Acne, it shrank my mega- pimple more in 24 hours than ten other things I tried in the previous 3-4 weeks. Now that I am using the Bye Acne light whenever some new evil pops up, I am able to make them disappear completely within 2 days. I have never felt this confident or optimistic about my skin.


It’s no secret that I have been on the skin struggle bus for, well...years. THIS amazing device is a GAME CHANGER!!! This is the best I’ve felt about my skin in years and I keep getting compliments. My skin is glowing again!


Reviews Your best skin in 2 weeks! Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and acne with our science-backed, award-winning skincare tools!

Amplifies serum

Boost skin's glow

Decrease puffiness

Fade blemishes

Increase firmness

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